Guide To Weed Measurements

Measurements for weed can be confusing, especially if you’re new to cannabis. Ever wondered how much bud you’re getting for your money? This guide will teach you the basics of weed measurements and help you understand the different terms used in the industry. Whether you’re buying or selling, knowing the lingo is key!

Basic Units You Should Know

The first thing you need to think about when going shopping for weed is how much do you want? It’s important that your understanding of volume measurements are correct, especially if there isn’t an option available at the dispensary or retail shop. After all, no one likes running low on flower!

Grams and Eighth

Gram is the smallest increment of weight that dispensaries sell. One gram will usually last for a joint or two when smoked with pipes and bongs, but users can pack more bowls from bigger joints depending on their preference in terms of potency level!


The popular weed measurement, an eighth of a bowl is a one-eighth ounce. It will usually fill three to five joints or two blunt wraps with enough for personal use (depending on frequency). An 8th may last you 1 -2 weeks if used regularly!

Quarters, Halves, and Ounces

When you want to stock up on cannabis for the long term, quarter-ounce and half an ounce are great choices. Quarter ounces will last two weeks or more on average while a half may keep your supply steady for around one month!


The ounce of cannabis is a big deal. If you want to minimize the number of trips back and forth between home, dispensary or bulk buy then by all means stick with this measurement because an average user will go through it in less than one month so buying 2-3 ounces at once can last them longer!

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