Cannabis Edibles Dosing Guide


Looking to enjoy cannabis edibles but not sure where to start? This dosing guide will help you understand how much THC is in each type of edible and how much to eat for the desired effect. Plus, we’ll give you some tips on how to avoid overindulging. Enjoy!

Experience With Cannabis

The effects of cannabis depend on the individual. If you’re already tolerant to THC, then starting with an edible dose that’s higher than what your body can tolerate could be dangerous or uncomfortable at best – so keep in mind how much tolerance (if any) you have before proceeding!

The first time you smoke or consume edibles, it is important to know what your body can handle. If the effect feels too intense for some reason, then they may not enjoy their experience and might even find themselves feeling nauseous from over-exposure!

The high from an edible is different than the effects of smoked marijuana. If you’ve never eaten THC before, it can be difficult to know what will happen and how much power there would typically need for something like this for someone who has experience with edibles or just use them regularly to appreciate their strength levels appropriately so they don’t find themselves too overwhelmed by feelings such as anxiety or pain.

Know Your Body

Many factors can affect the effects of THC, including someone’s age and body mass index. Some people may experience changes in their metabolism or chemistry over time which will change how effective cannabis is for them as well! If you’re wondering about what this all means with your dosage – don’t worry – we have experts who would love to help answer any questions before it’s too late (and also refer those needing further treatment).

Have You Recently Eaten?

If you’re a new edible user with little to no tolerance for cannabis or THC products, then it would seem reasonable at first glance that going into an experience on an empty stomach could provide benefits. However, this is far from the best course of action – especially if your goal in using edibles was simply recreation rather than medicinal treatments such as insomnia which may require higher doses over time.

It’s Not The Same For Every Brand

Different brands of edibles will have a varying impact on your body. This means that even if two different types (such as THC gummies and infused chocolates) contain the same amount of psychoactive ingredient, you may respond differently depending upon which food item it is being tasted.

The reason for this varies largely – some people find certain foods incompatible with their medication while others experience insomnia after consuming them; however, there can also exist other factors like age or gender among individuals which influence how we react to drugs.

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