Cannabis Caviar and Moon Rocks: What are They?


If you’re a cannabis user, you may have heard of cannabis caviar and moon rocks. But what are they? And what’s the difference between them? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at these two types of cannabis products and explain what sets them apart.

What are Marijuana Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are high THC cannabis products that contain three different ingredients, including the bud of an extremely potent strain. To make them you spray or dip certain types of leaves in oil before rolling up pieces with kief at its center and then smoking it all together as one entity – this allows for maximum effect! You can also consume moonrock extract raw by putting some into food like cookies (for example) instead.

Moon rocks are sometimes compared to fuzzy balls of raw cookie dough, cocoa-dusted truffles, and chicken nuggets. Their appearance can vary depending on how thick their layer is; it may look very complicated or just lightly dusted with kief.

What is Marijuana Caviar?

Marijuana caviar often contains THC at higher levels than other types of marijuana. It’s made from buds, oils, and kief which is why it has more psychoactive effects than just the plant itself would provide on its own – but not all Moon rocks do! Some varieties only contain a core bud surrounded by an outer coating that’s mainly made up of cannabis-based ingredients like waxes or butter.

Marijuana caviar can be mistaken for many things, but it will always have some type of coating on the outside. The best way to tell if you’re looking at marijuana caviar without an outer layer is by its appearance; either wet and sticky or shiny with little crystals throughout like a moon rock (small yellowish-green fuzzy rocks). If there’s no kief present then your sample might just look like a regular bud that has been dripped onto something else.

Caviar vs Moon Rocks

Marijuana moon rocks and marijuana caviar are not different species, but they do have some differences. For starters, the only difference between these products is whether or not there’s an outer layer of kief on them. This determines if it’s a “caviar” rather than just plain old cannabis moon rock! 

Why Use It?

The potency of moon rocks and caviar is one reason they’re so popular. There’s no standard THC content for these products, but often it falls in the range of 50%-60%. This means that those who love very strong marijuana will enjoy them greatly!

There are many different types of luxury items in the cannabis world. One example would be caviar, which can cost as much as $200 per ounce! Moon rocks and moon dust also fall into this category because they’re potent marijuana concentrate forms that often come with high-quality flower or concentrates too. If you want something more special than your average weed experience, you’ll want some “caviar” instead; it’s what makes these products so appealing.

How to Smoke Moonrock or Caviar

If you’re looking for a unique cannabis experience, Moon rocks and caviar might be the perfect fit. These products can both easily integrate into your regular flower routine by sprinkling some onto the top when smoked or vaping them in conjunction with concentrates like budder.

If you’re planning on smoking Moon Rocks or Caviar, be sure to mix it with flower. It can take some time for these products alone because they contain high amounts of oil which make keeping them lit difficult at best!

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