What is Kief And How to Use It


Kief is a powder that is made from the dried resin glands of cannabis flowers. It is considered the finest quality of marijuana because it has the highest THC content. Kief can be smoked, used in edibles, or vaporized. Here’s how to use kief to get the most out of your weed.

What Is Cannabis Kief?

Kief is the original, natural cannabis concentrate. Its popularity has only grown over time as more people are learning about its benefits and how it can be used in different ways to treat ailments ranging from chronic pain or epilepsy symptoms up to cancer treatment side effects such as nausea during chemotherapy treatments.

How Do I Use Kief?

There are many ways to enjoy kief, but it’s best when combined with flowers. Flower helps slow down the burn and ensures that you’ll get all of these benefits from this natural concentrate! Here is how: 

Add To Your Bowl Or Joint

One of the best ways to enjoy kief is by adding it to your favorite setup. Whether you use a pipe, bong or joint this concentrate will make any experience better! To start with grind some flowers and then use one layer at first followed by another on top for good measure so that none gets wasted before consuming them all together in blissful harmony

Add To Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Medical cannabis users are taking advantage of the benefits that come with vaping, especially when it comes to kief. Vaping provides an easy way for patients to enjoy their medication without having any negative side effects or smells from smoke inhalation which can be distracting during treatment time. Furthermore, some people find themselves wanting more potency than what dry herb vape alone offers so adding in some crystals on top just might do the trick!

Kief-Infused Edibles

Edibles continue to be a great option for those who prefer not to smoke cannabis. Edibles come in many different forms, including baked goods and soft chews with added benefits of salads and pasta. There are very few food options that don’t benefit from the addition of kief which has such fine consistency you won’t have straining over what kind would work best!

Cannabis Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are another creative way to enjoy high potency cannabis. This indulgence requires flower, distillate, and kief as well as a dab tool! Unlike the popular marijuana snow cones where they coat paper wrap with edibles before drying it out over time; moon rock creators will simply spread bud on top of each other using their fingers or knives until every inch has been covered in THC content – then wait for these layered creations to slowly crumble apart at its own accord due only pure moisture from humidity inside.

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