What is Drinkable Weed?


It’s no secret that cannabis is becoming more and more mainstream. What was once a taboo topic is now being discussed openly in homes and boardrooms across the country. As cannabis becomes more accepted, new products and ways to consume it are emerging. One such product is drinkable weed. But what is a drinkable weed, and how does it work? Keep reading to find out.

What are Weed Beverages?

Cannabis drink is a beverage that contains active ingredients like THC or CBD. There are many options when it comes to choosing your liquid marijuana, including sparkling water and coffee but the most popular choice by far would be soda because you can still enjoy sweetness while getting all of those health benefits from this plant! Patients even opt for an added boost in energy by consuming them as well so they don’t feel too low on power.

There are many types of weed beverages, with some being fast-acting and able to kick in as quickly as five minutes after consumption while others work like an edible taking up to two hours before their effects peak.

How Weed Drinks Work

You can’t beat a good drink, and you won’t have to waste time lighting up the joint. The hard work comes before we even get our hands on it! As cannabis drinks are typically made with activated cannabinoids that were previously heated by design – meaning no extra work required – this product may seem like one of those tricky ones but don’t worry because every detail has been thought through carefully so all your worries will be gone within seconds.

Cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, are fat-soluble. This means they don’t easily mix with water (which is why these molecules work so well in edibles). But where there’s a will to find ways around this problem – using technology has proven successful thanks largely due to the advances made by experts who’ve perfected drinkable weed through different processes all while maintaining the underlying basis of combining cannabinoids within beverages friendly towards our bodies’ needs!

How to Make Drinkable Weed

Creating a marijuana beverage can be complicated, but there’s no need to worry. Here is how you make your drinkable weed in three steps.

CO2 Extraction

The process of carbon dioxide extraction takes place first, where professionals add liquid-state CO2 to raw cannabis materials under extreme pressure and heat. This is released as a gas when they complete the cycle which only leaves concentrated extracts left over from this method.

Short-Path Distillation

The refined concentrate is then turned into distillate through a process known as short-path distillation. Experts use vacuums and heat control to extract the THC from cannabis plants, making it highly concentrated before boiling for extended periods until all that’s left are oils rich in psychoactive ingredients like CBD or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Emulsification is the process of adding an agent that will allow cannabis distillate to mix with water and become fluorescent. A professional should take care when performing this step because too much blending can result in being wasteful or even dangerous if done incorrectly!

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