What Does 420 Mean?


For the uninitiated, 420 may just seem like a meaningless code. But to cannabis users, it carries a lot of weight. 420 is shorthand for weed culture – it’s a signal that someone is interested in weed and it’s also a time to celebrate cannabis use. So what does 420 mean? Let’s take a look.

What is 420?

Whether you’re talking about 4:20 PM or April 20th, anything that involves 420 is a common reason for people to gather together and enjoy cannabis. Most of us have heard vague recollections about the origins of this number but we don’t know for sure where it came from.


The Waldos, a group of students from 1970s Point Reyes Peninsula who would meet up during school to consume cannabis and hidden treasure maps led by one student’s brother-in-law with information on where he could find marijuana growing in the forest. One day this guy presents them his new found knowledge about an afterschool activity lasting 1 hour which forced him into meeting at precisely 4:20pm near Louis Pasteur Statue as per schedule because some had longer than others.

Is 420 a Police code?

The so-called “code” 420 is actually just a Misconception. What officers use for smoking marijuana in public, however, does have roots with 4/20 day and the number of recreational weed enthusiasts who celebrate every April 20th across North America.

How did 420 Become Famous

The Grateful Dead were key in making 420 a household word, but how did they do it? The answer is actually quite simple. As guitar progressing members of the group became friends with some guys who would come to be known as “The Waldos,” an idea was born that led all these parties down different paths – one being adoption by English speakers around our planet!


When five students joined forces to search for the lost treasure of a friend, they never imagined that their quest would become an international movement. The original intent was just something fun and creative–a way to bring together friends after school one day but it quickly grew into so much more than anything else!

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