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Is Cannabis Good for Exercise?

Cannabis has long been thought to have medicinal properties, but in recent years its use as a recreational drug has also gained popularity. Some people claim that cannabis can help improve athletic performance, but is there any truth to this? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the evidence for and against cannabis as an exercise aid.

Cannabis and Running

The best thing about running with cannabis is that it lets you get into your zone (or flow) faster and feel less pain. Unless someone has a personal affection for being in intense physical discomfort, I think most people will agree this seems like an excellent addition to any long-distance race!

When you’re looking for a quick fix, it’s best to start with something that will have an onset of effects fast. A vape pen is perfect because the effect happens right away and won’t last long-but if inhalable aren’t your thing try sublingual tinctures which can give great results in just one minute!

Cannabis and Yoga

Yoga and cannabis have a long history of a coalition. From hot yoga vinyasa classes to restorative yin-yang sessions, the two can work together in harmony for years on end – or they may simply offer you some relief from pain during your workout with their healing properties respectively! If getting an intense but rewarding stretch is what gets you up morning aerobic workouts are perfect too.

There are many ways to get your daily dose of exercise, but what if you don’t want the hassle or pressure that comes with going out? Cannabis and yoga classes online waiting for ya! All it takes is a few clicks on YouTube. And while we’re at home doing our sweating thing in front of midnight candles (we recommend using scented ones), feel free to slather on some cannabis-infused lotion before bed—you’ll thank us later! 

Cannabis and Gym Workouts

The gym is a hotbed of activity for many people. Lifting weights, taking cardio classes, or even practicing martial arts can be done while high because cannabis affects everyone differently so start with an extra small dose before hitting the floor – and pay attention to how your coordination feels! We suggest trying uplifting Sativa if you want that little boost during supplementation time but don’t forget about relaxing Indica users either; they’ll still feel great after their workout thanks in part to this anti-inflammatory effect which helps alleviate pain caused by inflammation issues.

Cannabis and Outdoor Activities

The great outdoors has been proven to have many benefits for both your physical health and mental state. If you feel like hitting the gym is too much of an effort, take some time out on one of these hiking trails covered in wildflowers or play tennis while surrounded by nature! The opportunities are limitless – go ahead and explore them all together with cannabis as well so that each experience will be more enjoyable than before.

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