Introduction to Shatter and Wax


Cannabis users are looking for new and better ways to consume their favorite herb, and one of the latest innovations is shatter and wax. While these products may be unfamiliar to some, they offer a potentially more potent and efficient high than traditional methods. This guide will provide an introduction to shatter and wax cannabis products, including what they are, how they are made, and how to use them.

How Are Shatter And Wax Made

The process of making shatter begins when the cannabis plant is processed with butane to extract trichomes containing cannabinoids and terpenes. These solvents are then evaporated using low heat, which also removes excess oils leaving behind a translucent material that hardens into an opaque sheet.

Wax can be made in a variety of different ways, but all involve the use of crystals. the evaporated concentrate is whipped until it has incorporated air which changes its texture and makes for an even creamier feel depending on what you’re looking at – budder will often have more frosting-like consistency while badder may be looser with saucier flavors producing honey-like results!

How To Consume Shatter And Wax

Wax and shatter can be smoked by adding them to dried cannabis flower in a joint. Other methods require specific accessories: They’re often vaped, but some people prefer the orally administered effects of dabbing for newbies who may not want an intense high right off the bat (dried). If you are considering trying it out though – just know that there are risks involved!

The effects of cannabis depend on many factors, including how much you weigh and your metabolism. If smoking or vaping is what you choose to do then we recommend starting with one puff containing 10% (or 100 mg/g) THC or less for the body’s response time not to exceed six hours when experiencing an effect from these products; however extracts such as shatter will often give instant satisfaction while lasting up until ten shellacked hour(s).

Pros And Cons

Vaporizing or dabbing cannabis is a great way to enjoy your favorite herb without the smoke. However, there are some risks involved when using these concentrated products so you need to know what those entail before starting with such high concentrations! It is usually safe and easy-to-find recommendations online but do keep in mind that everyone has different reactions differently meaning their intake may need adjusting accordingly depending on personal preference as well as health status.

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