How to Prepare and Consume Rick Simpson Oil


Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is a type of cannabis oil that has been shown to have many potential health benefits. If you are interested in trying RSO, there are a few things you should know about how to prepare and consume it.

How to Prepare RSO

To make your own Rick Simpson Oil, you will need about a pound of the dried cannabis plant that has been THC-heavy for potency. You can either use high-percentage isopropyl alcohol or food-grade ethanol to extract the cannabinoids from this material and then combine them in an oil form with other ingredients such as olive oil if desired! A big bucket should be enough space; however, it’s important not to overfill because heat expands when exposed for long periods without containment so keep track of how much liquid collects during the steeping process using measuring spoons/forks, etc.

Heating the RSO is not necessary, but if you want to do so then placing it in a rice cooker will expedite your final result. Make sure there’s plenty of ventilation and don’t let any flames come into contact with anything that could ignite this solution like an open flame or stove burner because their flammability makes them dangerous materials for use near other items inside homes without proper protection.

How to Consume RSO

RSO is a versatile form of cannabis that can be taken in many ways. You may consume it orally, apply it to an area on your skin or take it under the tongue with syringes for controlled distribution methods – which you should try if this isn’t your first time!

RSO can be added to your skin in two different ways. You could add a rice grain-sized drop of olive or coconut oil, and then seal it off with bandages as needed for maintenance purposes – this is referred to as “topical application.” Another option would involve taking it internally– by placing pills under the tongue twice daily until absorbed (orally).


Consuming RSO sublingually will give you the energizing sensations associated with THC. If tasting harshness is not an issue for you, then this method might be best because it provides all of those psychoactive effects in one dose–though keep in mind that due to how long they stay effective (upwards until four hours) if taken orally there’s more potential potency lost than usual when vaping or smoking alone.

Though there are many ways to consume RSO, smoking it or vaping will likely harm your health. The best way for most people is by taking pills which have been known as one of the mildest forms available in terms of consumption methods – but again you should always consult an expert before trying anything new!

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