How Long Does a Cannabis High Last?


If you’re a cannabis user, you’ve probably wondered how long your high will last. Different strains of marijuana produce different highs, so it’s hard to predict exactly how long it will last. However, some general guidelines can help you plan your day accordingly. Keep reading to learn more!

Method of Consumption

When it comes to how long you feel the effects of cannabis, there’s another factor that could play a bigger role: Your consumption method. Edible products can last twice as long compared with inhaled forms of marijuana which means people may experience symptoms for much longer after consuming them!


Whether you are smoking, dabbing, or vaping cannabis will produce the same duration of effects. The average time it takes to stop feeling these 20 mg inhaled THC doses is four hours with a maximum effect lasting around three additionally for lower amounts.


When it comes to the effects of cannabis, edible users will experience a different duration than smoking. The average time an individual feels stopped after consuming 20mg on their tongue vs inhalation for this form factor is said by one study to be twice as long at eight hours versus four minutes respectively.

THC Dosage

When it comes to determining how long the effects of marijuana last, the dosage has a significant impact. You feel those changes in your body as long as THC interacts with the endocannabinoid system and when you consume more there are just about always better results because of all that extra stuff!


THC is absorbed into the bloodstream, which means that higher doses will last longer. Inhaled cannabinoids typically have an effect size of 4 hours while those eating or drinking it tends to experience 8-hour highs with standard recreational use ranges in mind. However some individuals may be able to pull off 15+ hour lasts when taking exceptionally large amounts – so watch out!


When it comes to THC, there’s no such thing as an illegal amount. A low dose might produce desirable effects in one person while being too much for another; thusly you must consider your body response when adjusting dosage levels accordingly.

Individual Body Response

Individual body response to cannabis plays a huge role in how we experience its effects. Two people can take the same dose of marijuana, yet one might feel an effect immediately while another does not begin feeling any until minutes later or even hours after consuming it! This is because many factors affect our reactivity.


Those who are more sensitive to cannabinoids will experience the effects for longer than those with a lower sensitivity. Someone who is hyper-sensitive towards THC needs higher doses to feel any effect from it, while someone less reactive might only need one or two marijuana cigarettes every few days before feeling their desired outcome pop up on board!


When you regularly consume cannabis, your body often starts to develop a tolerance. Cannabis users with high tolerances will have much higher “THC” threshold levels than first-time users and depending on what their actual level is they could feel effects for less or more time than average people do when exposed to similar situations.


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