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Smacked Dispensary NYC is a cannabis shop located in New York. It was founded in February 2023 by Roland Conner and his wife Patricia Conner who both currently serve as its CEO and CFO, respectively.

In the aftermath of the New York state government lifting the prohibition on the sale of cannabis within the state, Smacked Dispensary NYC (aka Smacked Village) became one of the first three stores to obtain the license to sell recreational cannabis, with the double-honor of being the first black-owned business to do so.

No matter your level of cannabis use or knowledge, Smacked has gone to great lengths to ensure that you can explore the world of cannabis at your own pace. Their staff are always on hand to answer your questions and guide you to make the best choice out of their wide selection of cannabis products and accessories.

What you can Expect From Smacked Dispensary NYC

Smacked Village has provided a comprehensive range of services to ensure that their customers always have a rich experience. Below are some of the things you can expect:

Education and Guidance

Whether you’re new to cannabis or an experienced user, staff at Smacked are always willing to listen to your questions, assess your needs and advise you on the best products to use.

No matter your need or lifestyle, Smacked Village in-store budtenders or the digital engagement associates can help you through the process of acquiring the right products to meet your desires, whether it is pain relief, relaxation or just to enhance your overall well-being.

Their staff are also equipped to advise you on how to use the products responsibly and safely.

Professional Service and Discretion

The staff at Smacked Dispensary are famed for being passionate about helping their customers understand how their products can help them. However, they also do this within the confines of professionalism.

Smacked staff do not give prescriptions for medicinal use. However, they are able to serve you if you have a prescription, as they are one of the few licensed New York dispensaries.

Recreational users are not left out either since you are not required to provide a prescription to acquire cannabis products. Their staff are always on hand to help you no matter your need.

A Wide Selection of Products for Every Type of Cannabis User

You can acquire a wide range of cannabis products that fall under any of the following 8 categories:

Weed Edibles

If edibles are your style, they have an assortment of products that you can choose from, all of which are infused with CBD or THC in carefully measured dozes. Their options include:

  1. Orals like 1906’s Go Tins, Bliss Tins and Chill Tins.
  2. Chocolate bars and tabs like Go Beans and Tart Cherry Chocolate Bars.
  3. Gummies by MyHi, smokies, cannibals, among many other gummy products.
  4. Drinks by MyHi and Ayrloom.


Their catalogue of vaporizers includes Pods from Rove, Cartridges from the Marijuana Farms New York (MFNY) and Rove, and Disposables from Packwoods, Rove, MyHi, Eureka, Cannabals and others.


If you’re looking for ready-to-use options, their catalogue of pre-rolled cannabis includes infused, packs and singles.


They offer a variety of flower strains, each unique in its properties and effects. You can obtain anything from sativas to indicas and hybrids. They host brands like Zizzle, ElectraLeaf, Tyson 2.0, Dank by Definition and Grassroots among others.


Their range of concentrates include:

  1. Applicators like the Alien OG, Maui Wowie and GDP all from Jetty
  2. Crumbles like the Luci Blueberry Cupcake
  3. Wax products like the Blotter Zookies
  4. Shatter concentrates from Blotter
  5. Sauces like the Blotter Pop Tarts and Platinum Bird
  6. Badder products from MFNY and Luci
  7. Hash from Hudson Cannabis
  8. Weed Live Resins from MFNY and Blotter


Their weed tinctures include products from Head & Heal and Ayrloom


You can also acquire the following accessories from their store:

  1. Batteries
  2. Paper rolling supplies
  3. Lighters
  4. Trays

Cannabidiols (CBDs)

If your cannabis needs are more on the health and relief side, they also have a long list of CBDs available, including bath soaks, tinctures, lip balms, sleep aid oils, salves and more.

How to Become a Customer

The process of becoming a Smacked customer is straightforward. As an advocate of responsible use, all visitors are required to prove that they are at least 21 years old by providing a government-issued ID, as is required by the laws of New York State. It also helps to ensure that their customers are using their products in a safe and responsible manner.

After gaining access, their staff will get you registered under them and ask you a few simple questions to help them to understand your needs or preferences and allow them to provide you with an experience that is tailored to you.


You can access Smacked Dispensary services in-store at 144 Bleecker Street, NY, where you can pick up your order. Delivery is also available and payment can be made via cash or debit cards as well as online.

Community Engagement, Sustainability and Security

In keeping with New York State laws, all products sold by Smacked Village are produced within the state by reputable manufacturers. These manufacturers are required by law to abide by ethical sourcing methods and sustainable growing practices.

Staff and customer security are also assured when you visit their store as they employ state of the art systems, including store security and CCTV to ensure that the atmosphere is always safe.

Looking for Something Beyond the Regular?

If your needs are more peculiar and the options provided by Smacked Village do not satisfy them, we gladly invite you to check out our services at Gotham Meds. We pride ourselves in our flexibility which allows us to meet a wider range of needs, some of which include:


  1. You can always find information on deals from our website: while some others hide this information, we at Gotham Meds are always proud to offer you great deals to save money. Check them out here.
  2. Quicker: All our operations are currently optimized for delivery, hence you can always count on us to get to you fast. An added advantage of us being delivery first is that unlike others, we try our best to make same-day deliveries on orders that are placed after our 2 PM cut-off time. (Depends on location and time of day. Please confirm before making an order.)
  3. We meet you where you are: We deliver to all the 5 boroughs of New York City, and parts of Long Island, NJ and Connecticut. Confirm your location here.
  4. Free and Flexible Delivery: For orders above $200, delivery is free no matter where you are. Below that ticket, there are different conditions for free and same day delivery, all tailored to your needs. We also accommodate changing your delivery location at no extra charge, so long as you inform us on time. Aside from that, drivers wait 10 minutes at the set location for you.
  5. Consultations and advise: We offer discrete consultations and advise if you need them to decide on what products are best for your needs. You can reach us on 929-290-9056 for calls, texts or WhatsApp (+1-929-290-9056 for international customers). Or you can email us on [email protected].

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