Everything You Need To Know About Green Therapy NYC


Although stationed in a city with more than 70 adult-use cannabis dispensaries, Green Therapy NYC is inarguably one of the few brands on the forefront of the NYC cannabis market. A local weed delivery company in New York City, Green Therapy specializes in providing a diverse selection of different cannabis products that range from buds to vapes and even CBD creams.


Dedicated to the business of crafting and selling high-quality cannabis products, Green Therapy offers a range of premium items including top-shelf flowers, flavorful edibles, concentrates, oils, topical creams, and vape pens. The dispensary seeks to provide the ultimate shopping experience for the average cannabis product lover. The company, of course, stands out not only for its immaculate services but also its focus on providing quality lab-tested pesticide-free recreational and medicinal products.

More About Green Therapy NYC

Although many dispensaries in New York City choose to open brick and mortar stores to the customers in the budding NYC Cannabis market, Green Therapy NYC chooses a different approach of providing an online delivery service. The company labels itself as a fast and reliable cannabis delivery service that provides a one-stop shopping experience for all things cannabis.


What sets Green Therapy NYC apart from many other dispensaries is not its title as NYC’ #1 weed delivery service or extremely diverse range of all premium things cannabis. Instead, it is the extent of NYC that the dispensary services. Green Therapy services the areas of the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, ensuring its  exceptional products that are packed with high quality weed and formulated for a more pleasurable experience reaches everyone looking to purchase their favorite cannabis product. In fact, the dispensary offers product delivery services to some of the flowing locations:

  • Midtown east/west
  • Uptown
  • Downtown
  • Lower east side
  • East Village
  • Chinatown
  • Tribeca
  • West Village
  • Chelsea
  • Flatiron
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Upper East Side
  • Upper West Side
  • East Harlem
  • Harlem
  • Washington Heights
  • Randall’s Island.

Products Offered At Green Therapy NYC

A leading weed delivery service that prides itself in its ability to provide a range of highly premium cannabis  products, Green Therapy NYC has shelves lined with cannabis products for various wellness needs. This includes everything from buds to pre rolls and more. At Green Therapy NYC, you can find:


  • Buds, including Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid of different strains\Pre-rolls
  • Edibles
  • Concentrates
  • Oils
  • Pens
  • Creams
  • Vape pens of different flavours

All products on Green Therapy’s menu offer the promise of an elevated cannabis experience. The company offers a diverse catalogue of high-quality brands to ensure customers enjoy nothing but their money’s worth. More importantly, the products from Green Therapy cater to a vast range of needs with the provision of items such as vegan THC-infused cannabis gummies and options relief balms for topical relief of pain. 


Undoubtedly, the best thing about Green Therapy’s product selections is not only its rich menu but the fact that this menu is ever-changing. The dispensary prides itself in its ability to keep up with the changing preferences and tastes of the NYC cannabis market, never hesitating to give the latest cannabis products a spot on their menu. This dedication to keeping up with the times ensures the company can continue to provide premium products that satisfy its customer base. While the edibles inventory is always changing at Green Therapy, it is important to remember that the business usually consistently provides popular customer favourites.


How To Order Products From Green Therapy


Green Therapy NYC offers a strictly delivery-based service to patrons within NYC. However, the business also makes provisions for customers to place and pick up their orders in Astoria Queens.


Like many dispensaries in the state, Green Therapy only services customers who are adults and over the age of 21. The dispensary prioritizes the provision of a stellar customer experience to keep clients coming back. Hence, the company is committed to keeping customers satisfied with fast deliveries of all things cannabis in a system that is convenient and affordable for all. 


Green Therapy’s delivery services extend across Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau Country, and Queens. Placing an order for the delivery of cannabis products of choice is as simple as exploring the business’s online menu, selecting your favorite products, providing the necessary delivery details, and paying cash on delivery before the product can be handed over to you. You can also choose to contact the dispensary at (516) 710-3419 for more information on their products and services for maximum possible shopping experience. 


The length of delivery time typically depends on influences such as time and day the order is placed. However, Green Therapy usually sends customers an estimated time of delivery or ETA once the delivery is enroute.

If you intend to buy a product or two from Green Therapy, you will need to pay cash on delivery. This is an insightful business feature that helps to build trust between the company and the customers. The dispensary also offers free deliveries on all orders


Green Therapy operates from noon to midnight, all day, all week, delivering premium selections of cannabis right to their clients’ doorsteps.

Customer Experiences At Green Therapy NYC

1. Product Quality & Prices

Customer reviews on platforms such As Leafly are clear evidence of the superior services Green Therapy Provides to the NYC cannabis scene. A common theme in the reviews customers leave about Green Therapy’s products is the high quality of the cannabis items that the dispensary provides. 


With a review of 4.5 stars on Leafly from 79 customer reviews, it becomes clearer that the dispensary has a track record of leaving clients satisfied. Customers constantly sing the dispensary’s prices, applauding its ability to provide a welcoming atmosphere where top-quality cannabis products are offered at affordable prices.


Admittedly, a few customers left reviews complaining about the inconsistency of the prices of cannabis products.


However, it is difficult to ignore the other numerous good reviews that swear by the dispensary’s quality and affordability.

2. Customer Service At Green Therapy NYC

The staff in Green Therapy NYC is another focal point that scores good reviews for the business. Customers often describe the staff as knowledgeable and eager to help streamline the average customer’s purchasing experience.


By providing a warm and welcoming experience, Green Therapy staff members improve shopping convenience for customers. This undoubtedly makes the establishment for patrons seeking a shopping experience they cannot get anywhere else.


As usual, there are reviews from unimpressed customers. However, these handful of negative reviews barely tip the scale against the positive ones.


Before You Go

Customer reviews and feedback paint a mixed image of Green Therapy NYC. The dispensary’s product quality, personnel expertise, and product pricing all appear to be excellent, but they might do better in several areas, like pricing clarity and service consistency. 


Overall, Green Therapy NYC holds promise as a key player in the NYC cannabis scene, with opportunities for growth and enhancement in various aspects of its operations. 


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