Best Snacks to Eat While High

When you’re high, sometimes the munchies hit hard. And when they do, it’s important to have a snack on hand that will satisfy your craving and tastes great too. So, what’s the best snack to eat while high? Check out our list of some of the best options!


When you’re high, enjoy your nachos in the dark. Be careful with anything but a microwave because it can lead to fires and scary housemates who have been doing too much smoking without thinking about their actions or consequences first – especially if they are feeling carefree!

When you’re high, enjoy your nachos responsibly with caution. Although it might seem like a fun idea to smoke yourself while munching on these delicious chips and salsa-covered cornmeal tidbits that are sure to take away any appetite for dinner later tonight (or maybe even lunch).


Cereal can be both delicious and fulfilling, but many people only eat the same old boring bowl every day. This is where variety comes in! There are so many different kinds of cereal that offer something new to try out with your favorite toppings like fruits or chocolate chips depending on what you’re feeling at any given time; it’s hard not to have an enjoyable experience when everything has its perfect mix-in combination for high tongue hitches.


There are few things more satisfying than biting into a juicy candy that’s just as delicious when you get it home from work. You can stuff your pockets with them and not worry about getting up off the couch! The motion of unwrapping each one also keeps our brain engaged.

Beef Jerky

When you’re high, some stoners swear by beef jerky. They say the unusual mix of dry and greasy is exactly what they need as it fills their whole mouth with a savory taste that may satisfy any munchies while also being protein-rich!

Rice Crispy Treats

The prepackaged rice crispy treats are much easier to make than the ones you make at home and they come in multi-packs. Your local dispensary might also sell its version that is laced with something extra though – just remember not to confuse these two types!

The Best Food to Eat While High

While it’s important to remember that each person has their metabolism and preferences, some foods may help with the high. To get started look at what you’re currently eating or avoid eating before smoking weed to keep yourself feeling energized throughout your daytime highs and sleeping well at night – this will also ensure no cravings come up while on cannabis!

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