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A Guide To Cannabis Storage


Cannabis users have a lot of options when it comes to how they store their buds. You can use jars, bags, or even special containers designed for cannabis storage. But what’s the best way to keep your weed fresh? And how do you avoid mold or pests? Here’s a guide to cannabis storage that will help you keep your stash safe and sound!

Moderate Temperatures

There are many concerns regarding the storage of cannabis. One question that often arises is whether to store it in the fridge or freezer? The answer depends on how long your periods of high humidity and heat last, as well as if you live somewhere where there’s consistently cool dark space inside an air conditioning system at home! If this doesn’t apply for whatever reason then don’t worry too much about potency loss during freezing – trichomes can degrade easily when exposed to hot temperatures without protection from condensation which happens naturally with open containers left out even just briefly.

Avoid Light and Air

The quality of your cannabis will degrade over time if not stored in the correct environment. Storing it under bright lights or near windows with high levels of UV radiation can cause damage, so for long-term storage consider using clear glass containers instead!


Store your cannabis in an airtight container to avoid getting any unwanted gases. Plastic is not the best option unless it’s BPA-free and has been certified as food safe by authorities because of potential chemical leaching from these materials into foods placed near them during storage periods which could cause allergic reactions upon consumption.

Keep Your Old Weed

The amount of time that your cannabis will last is dependent on its storage conditions. If you store it properly, then even old marijuana has a good chance of being just as potent and enjoyable two years from now! Storage factors include avoiding extreme temps or light exposure as well as keeping away from air pollutants.

Weed Storage Tips

It is important to store your cannabis in an airtight container so it lasts as long and has the same potency. Store them according to what kind of package you originally bought, but make sure there are no gaps at all between layers or exposure for freshness’ sake!


Here’s a pro tip for all you cannabis consumers out there. Like other food products, edibles can be frozen without losing potency! Just remember to mark them or separate them from other groceries in your freezer so they don’t get mixed up with something else and lose effectiveness when thawed out later on.

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