How to Find Premium Weed in NYC: 5 Tips



Purchasing weed can be difficult sometimes. In most cases, it is not easy to just walk into a store and expect them to hand you 3 ounces of cannabis. You will need to put in some effort in exchange for a good time. For a safe and legal weed purchasing experience, here are the steps that you need to follow to find a premium flower in NYC:

  1. Locating a reliable store or delivery service in your area.
  2. Looking through the store’s website and going through the ordering process.
  3. Find the products or gifts you need or are looking for.
  4. Making a “payment” or “donation” to the company.
  5. Accepting the weed delivered to your doorstep.

Below, each of these steps has been explained in detail, so you don’t miss out on your cannabis adventure.

1. Locate a Reliable NYC Store or Delivery Service

Most cannabis can only be purchased for medical purposes through dispensaries, but you can find the perfect store to provide for your needs with a little digging around. Google maps can be helpful when locating reliable and certified pot shops. Instagram pages can also help find delivery services that provide the best flower in about thirty minutes or less right at your door. and are both useful websites to locate weed dispensaries near you. Weedmaps is more location-centered with services such as brands and delivery, etc. Leafly provides much thorough information with databases on products, services, and strains.


You can also find stores near you by searching on Google, commonly by typing in “how to find weed in NYC.” It is to be kept in mind that the location of your select store is noted before any further steps. After you have selected a preferred store, it is time for you to venture to their website.

2. Ordering Instructions

After finding the website for your preferred store and going through it, you will have to confirm your identity and age to see if you are of legal age to avail of these services. The service will ask for your location, address, identity card information, phone number, etc.


All of this information will be taken to ensure that you are not underage to avoid getting both parties in trouble. The state has only made weed legal for people over the age of 21. Anyone below the set age will have to face the consequences of their convictions.


Keep in mind that:

  • No one under the age of 21 is allowed to smoke weed or given weed as a gift.
  • Only 3 ounces of weed can be legally possessed by someone over the age of 21.

No one can store more than 5 ounces of weed.

3. Selecting Products You Are Interested in

After confirming your identity and age, you can look into the company’s products and services. Most delivery services provide a wide array of options to choose from. All delivery services commonly provide edibles, flowers, carts, pre-rolls, etc.


Marijuana products come in various forms. Sprays, tinctures, oils, rolls, etc. are various forms in which marijuana can be used. You can select the type of product you are interested In purchasing and move on to the next step. Keep in mind to call products “gifts” when you are purchasing them.

4. Making a Donation for Your Purchases

Clever vendors have recently found a loophole in the entire paying system. The only legal way to purchase cannabis is to buy it through a medical license. Since buying direct weed from stores is still not legal, many companies opt to provide a gift option to their clients. This gifting service allows the buyer to purchase weed as a service as a commodity.


Gifting legally allows the purchasing of cannabis. You buy a service from a store, and in return, you are provided with your product. Different stores will have different services based on how they operate, and each service will coincide with a certain product.


The dealers will typically have a list of options displayed as “services,” out of which you can choose. Packages are offered in return regarded as “gifts.” Each gift is marked as a service or strain provided to you by a vendor, which keeps the business “legal.”

5. Premium Weed at Your Doorstep

After the entire process of purchasing and confirming your age, the delivery service will provide your order at your doorstep. You can either pay beforehand or by cash to the delivery person. Most services will ask for cash, so you need to have the required cash on hand.


Another way to get the benefits of a delivery service is to keep an eye out for vending trucks. These are almost similar to ice cream trucks passing through specific routes. The advantage of weed trucks is that you get to see the strain before placing an order.

Summing Things Up

At Gotham Meds, we strive to provide the very best to our clients. Everything can be provided to you at your doorstep, from simple edibles to pre-rolls and concentrates. We provide a variety of products to choose from all over New York City. Hand-delivered from the best dispensaries in NYC, Gotham Meds works to provide a 5-star experience with sheer dedication and consistency.


Though weed can be found in dispensaries and pot shops, we suggest purchasing your products from us at Gotham Medical and Rec Dispensary Delivery. We provide flash deliveries and same-day deliveries, as well as offer pick-up from our locations. Contact us for your premium weed and related products.


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