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With the legalization of adult-use cannabis and cannabis products in New York City came the birth of several establishments created to serve this new market. In this burgeoning scene that marks the rise of the cannabis market, Housing Works Dispensary NYC, popularly known as Housing Works Cannabis Co (HWCC), plays the forerunner role.

Housing Works Dispensary NYC is the first licensed adult-use cannabis dispensary and delivery service in New York, United States. First launched to over 1000 customers on the 29th of December, 2022, Housing Works began as more than just a dispensary. As a non-profit dedicated to community empowerment, Housing Works Dispensary NYC has its mission firmly rooted in social justice and advocating for just treatment.

Housing Works’ story is one that dates as far back as 1990, when it was founded by a group of activists with a shared thirst for safe and stable housing for people living with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The organization was a step towards advocating for positive change and justice for the marginalized in society, addressing the AIDS crisis by providing housing, healthcare, and vocational training for those affected.

However, in 2022, Housing Works extended its objectives past advocacy duties and embraced a future in the legalization of cannabis in the state. Per this newfound objective, Housing Works established its first dispensary, which was duly named Housing Works Cannabis Co. This dispensary serves as one of the many means through which the organization known as Housing Works earns crucial funds needed to finance its mission: saving lives. As a result, proceeds from sales at the dispensary are sent towards fuelling the parent company’s mission statement.

Customer Experiences and Reviews

1. Product Range and Quality

As one of its many missions, Housing Works Dispensary seeks to combat drug abuse and facilitate healthy drug recovery processes. To do this, the organization adopts an innovative yet controversial person-centered harm reduction approach that focuses on providing a diverse range of healthy and safe ingestible cannabis. Housing Works Dispensary uses a non-judgmental, non-coercive, trauma-informed philosophy to “meet people where they’re at, including those left behind by social programs and medical institutions.”

While many praise this approach that Housing Works Dispensary uses in its advocacy for harm reduction, many believe it is more harmful than beneficial. However, the organization believes in the possibility that people will make positive decisions about their health when given options that suit their circumstances. Hence, Housing Works utilizes a unique autonomous process that places the power to beat drug abuse in the individual’s own hands while cheering them on through compassion.

To achieve this, Housing Works Dispensary offers a diverse array of flowers, edibles, concentrates, and prerolls that cater to a vast array of preferences. Housing Works Dispensary also features products from LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and women-led brands, showing support to those communities that have been segregated or have been affected by drug criminalization.

Essentially, Housing Works Co has a rich shop menu that contains:

⦁ Edibles
⦁ Tinctures
⦁ Prerolls
⦁ Flower
⦁ Vape pens
⦁ Concentrates
⦁ Drinks
⦁ Accessories

The various products range from cannabis tea of different flavors to flowers of different strains, meaning Housing Works Cannabis Co appeals to an extensive range of audience. These products are designed to be healthy, motivating individuals to make positive decisions about their health.

Many customers choose to refer to Housing Works as the place for cannabis connoisseurs with one of the most extensive selections of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Customers generally commend the quality of the various brands available, with some highlighting specific brands they enjoy from the dispensary. However, some customers also comment on the sub-par selection of products available.

In one New York Post article published in January 2023 that detailed the mass displeasure of stoners towards the brand, many customers who spoke to The Post claimed Housing Works sold “Overpriced and mid-grade outdoor bud” and rock-hard herb that “smelled like hay,” smattering the dispensary with many one-star reviews.

Essentially, judging the quality of Housing Works’ cannabis products from afar is a rocky situation given that there are good and bad reviews plastered on many online review platforms, especially on Yelp, where the dispensary has an overall rating of 3 stars.


2. Service and Staff

Housing Works Dispensary NYC once again aims to please when it comes to providing seamless service. Employees are warm, welcoming, and courteous, often receiving equally warm praises from customers on online reviews. Trained to be knowledgeable about the product selections available in the dispensary, employees of Housing Works Dispensary NYC are often willing to guide customers through the purchasing process, helping them make the most adequate purchasing decisions.

With the friendliness, courteousness, and knowledgeability of Housing Works’ employees often commended in many customer reviews, it is easy to see that Housing Works’ service is one of its most significant selling points.


3. Pricing and Accessibility

Housing Works Cannabis Co markets itself as a dispensary that sells average-priced high-quality cannabis products in NYC as part of offering an enjoyable shopping experience. This is made possible by the fact that the dispensary isn’t a for-profit business, unlike other dispensaries in the area.

However, many customers are equally of the opinion that the dispensary’s prices are on the high side, with many going as far as labeling product prices as exorbitant.

When it comes to location, Housing Works Cannabis Co is a relatively new venture with just one location in NYC. The single dispensary location in Manhattan’s East Village might limit accessibility for some. However, the dispensary seems excited for the future with talks about potential expansions and potential online ordering options that could improve customer reach and accessibility.


4. Social Impact and Community Engagement

Housing Works Dispensary NYC is beyond business. It extends its influences past simple retail, opting instead to play a significant part in helping to change the world for the better. To do this, the dispensary diverts its business proceeds to the mother organization, Housing Works, thereby providing the much-needed funds for tackling issues like homelessness, HIV/AIDS, and mass incarceration. In doing so, Housing Works Dispensary NYC recruits the help of its customers, ensuring every client can directly contribute to a positive change with every purchase, aligning their cannabis enjoyment with social impact. Hence, Housing Works Dispensary NYC works hand-in-hand with every customer to ensure that together, they can change the world one purchase at a time.

Final Thoughts On Housing Works Dispensary NYC

In the quest for a better world that uplifts communities that have suffered under the war on drugs, Housing Works Dispensary NYC maintains a noble stance with a powerful mission of relentless advocacy, life-saving services, and justice for all. Housing Works Dispensary NYC continues to serve its advocacy roles through its dedicated staff, quality offerings, and impactful social mission to create a unique and commendable experience.

While the dispensary is no doubt fulfilling applaudable feats toward a just cause, it is essential to note there is room for improvement. Per customer reviews, Housing Works Dispensary NYC will benefit from reviewing its product quality and prices while ensuring the dispensary is easily accessible from many locations in NYC. Regardless, for individuals seeking ethically sourced cannabis while supporting a vital cause headed by a dispensary with a conscience, Housing Works Dispensary NYC, also known as Housing Works Cannabis Co, offers a compelling choice.


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