Everything You Need To Know About Happy Buds Brooklyn


Happy Buds, Brooklyn, is one of the many cannabis/adult-use CBD stores that have pitched its tent in New York. This dispensary catches the eyes of anyone in Malcolm X Blvd with its lush aesthetics and its huge, eye-catching wooden sign that sits proudly atop the building.

Happy Buds Brooklyn is a notable retailer of a vast array of all things CBD. Its catalogue boasts of everything from CBD-infused candy to drinks, CBD skin care, and more.

Although the legalization of recreational-use cannabis has only recently (or more specifically, three years ago in March of 2021) been welcome in New York, it is no doubt refreshing to have new businesses like Happy Buds catch the state up to speed on the ‘weed scene’ with other states such as Nebraska and Colorado who have long been in the picture. Happy Buds Brooklyn, established in 2021, serves as a breath of fresh air to CBD-enthusiasts in the Empire state, choosing to not only market generic products but also innovative options to keep interested clients satisfied.

While still a young company, Happy Buds has no doubts been doing a great job of gracing and serving the infant cannabis market in New York.

About Happy Buds Brooklyn

Happy Buds Brooklyn is a significant player in the NYC cannabis scene that has gained rapid attention for its diverse product offerings that caters to an equally diverse market. It is also well-known for its dedication to offering an informative and comfortable shopping experience for its customers. This community-oriented space made obvious by the building’s homely appearance is no doubt why the dispensary can be referred to as a top-tier relaxation spot by many.


However, its commitment to providing unprecedented quality, catering to diversity, or offering great service is not the only thing that keeps the spotlight on Happy Buds in NYC’s spotlight.


Happy Buds, Brooklyn is one of the not-so-many dispensaries to be owned by a woman in a male-dominated market where only about 22% of cannabusinesses nationwide are woman-owned, and the percentage of women executives in the cannabis industry is 23.1%. This black-woman-owned business, led with a husband-wife partnership between Sunshine and Remo Foss, has not only successfully carved a niche for itself but also serves as one-half of an enterprise, with the sister company being “Happy Cork”, a business that sells happiness in bottles in the form of wine and spirits.


While the dispensary provides a wide range of selections of cannabis and cannabis-infused products that caters to adult-use, Happy Buds, Brooklyn, markets itself as a CBD wellness Shop. It lives up to its objectives as a wellness company by offering products to help with a range of medical problems that include anxiety, pain, and sleep-problems, alongside other recreational uses.

Product Offering At Happy Buds Brooklyn

There is no shortage of products waiting to be purchased at Happy Buds, Brooklyn. Sitting on the shelves are a wide range of products that range from beauty supply to vitamins, supplements, vapes, accessories, and of course a variety of ingestible products. Inside the building, Happy Buds, Brooklyn organizes its products by category, ensuring that customers can quickly browse the shelves to find their preferred products, just like they would in a supermarket. This makes for a very seamless and convenient shopping experience for everyone, regardless of how knowledgeable they are in purchasing CBD products.


While it is impossible to simply list out all products that Happy Buds, Brooklyn offers, some popular offerings include:

  • Adaptogens
  • Pre-rolls
  • CBD honey
  • CBD tea
  • Vegan CBD gummies
  • CBD-infused drinks
  • Hemp lollipops
  • CBD chocolate bites for women
  • CBD Coffee
  • Sexual enhancements
  • Various flower strains
  • CBD skin care, including moisturisers, massage oils, soap, and more
  • Ashtrays and rolling trays
  • Pipes and bongs
  • Candles

The wide variety of products at Happy Buds contributes to its positive reputation, as the dispensary keeps its clients perusing its shelves in awe.  Essentially, to fully grasp the extent of expansiveness of the dispensary’s product offerings, it is crucial to visit their page or their physical establishment.



Customer Experiences

1. Customer Services

Although Happy Buds Brooklyn does not have a lot of reviews, the few reviews dedicated to the dispensary on Yelp showed clients were very vocal about the dispensary’s pleasant and very helpful staff.


Many clients describe the staff at Happy Buds Brooklyn as knowledgeable, welcoming, and very helpful.


The staff at Happy buds Brooklyn are very knowledgeable and willing to guide customers through the purchasing process. The staff’s warmth, along with the homely aesthetics of the building, contributes to the inviting atmosphere that Happy Buds Brookly provides. The service is generally well-regarded, adding to the positive customer feedback that the dispensary receives.


Other customer reviews on Yelp continue to praise Happy Buds Brooklyn’s personalized customer service staff and the convenience this staff contributes to their shopping experience. One review on Yelp specifically praises the staff’s ability to provide the necessary recommendations for customers trying to decide the best items to purchase from the dispensary’s selection.


2. Pricing Accessibility

Happy Bud Brooklyn’s pricing structure is not discussed in detail on the internet. Hence, to truly be able to fully gauge the dispensary’s price to determine if it is fair and pocket-friendly, it is important to visit the establishment at 225 Malcolm X Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11221, or simply visit their website online.

3. Social Impact and Community Engagement

Happy Buds Brooklyn describes itself as a CBD Wellness Shop with an emphasis on community. One way the black-woman-owned dispensary does this is by choosing to celebrate other minority and women-owned businesses. Its shelves are lined with products from other women-owned brands, ensuring it gives back to the minority market of the industry. Hence, while Happy buds focuses on providing the ultimate CBD experience, it does so while aiming to support the community in the little way it can.


Happy Buds Brooklyn also engages and interacts with the community by hosting events such as pop-ups where they feature small businesses. These events help to bring locally sourced products to the forefront, thereby contributing to building the local CBD market in New York.

Final Thoughts on Happy Buds Brooklyn

While Happy Buds Brooklyn might be a new store, its impact on NYC’s CBD market cannot be understated. With its wide and very diverse range of CBD selections that range from flowers to gummies, skin care products, and other CBD-infused products that cater to wellness, it is easy to see why the dispensary is well regarded among the city’s CBD-enthusiastic audience. While there aren’t a lot of online reviews on Happy Buds Brooklyn, the little reviews there show how impactful the dispensary is in Brooklyn, New York.


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