Everything You Need To Know About Gotham Apples Dispensary


Gotham Apples Dispensary is an influential presence in New York City, a striking establishment that has thrived post-legalization of cannabis in the state. A dispensary that not only prides itself in the offering of unique services but also the diverse range of products on its menu, Gotham Apples has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself in the infant New York cannabis market. In fact, the dispensary is so successful that they not only operate in areas such as Brooklyn and Queens, but also in Manhattan, Long Island, the Bronx, Staten Island, and New Jersey.


Serving a large customer base and offering product delivery within the Metropolitan, Tri-state area, Gotham Apples dispensary has no doubt enjoyed rapid growth in NYC’s cannabis market. This growth is unsurprising because the dispensary was founded with the objective and vision to match the right product to every client, providing top-quality cannabis products while fostering a sense of community and wellness. In fact, with its unique approach to cannabis product deliveries, Gotham Apples has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself in NYC’s small but highly competitive cannabis market.

The Little Details About Gotham Apples

While they offer the same services as any dispensary within New York City, Gotham Apples has chosen not to label itself as a dispensary. This is because the business uses the unique approach of home-delivering all items on its menu straight to its customers’ doorsteps. 


While this business strategy incurs a little additional cost for customers it is nothing but a small price to pay for the convenience of getting favourite cannabis products delivered straight to you. Think about it as a great way to skip the lines and hassle of commuting to lay your hands on a few strains.

The Menu At Gotham Apples

Gotham Apples’ dedication to helping people find access to their favorite cannabis products and strains is no joke. The establishment has a rich menu that boasts of everything from cannabis buds or flowers to gummies and even chocolate bars. The business offers a wide variety of NorCal and Maine flowers in at least a dozen different strains from brands such as Pine Tree Apothecary and Brave Boat Gardens.


Gotham Apples also sells resins from brands like Native Relief and Skunkfoot Farms. There are also caviar joints coated with high terpene extract & kief for the extra kick in the cannabis experience. The Gotham Apples menu also features Hash Resin Gummies from brands like Fus Flowers and Cold Room Drip, and even live resins from brands such as Third Shift Resins. From the gummies to the live resins, Gotham Apples’ menu undoubtedly offers an elevated experience that leaves every customer wanting more.

How To Order From Gotham Apples

As a weed gifting delivery business in New York City, Gotham Apples services its customers through the delivery of Cannabis. While this might seem a tad more complicated than simply walking into a dispensary and shopping off the shelves, shopping from Gotham Apples is not a difficult affair, especially since delivery of cannabis is legal in their delivery service areas. 


Placing an order from Gotham Apples is as easy as visiting their website, scouring their menu, and going through the many available options to find your favorite cannabis items and add them to your cart. The rest of the process is intuitive and you can complete your order after which the brand will contact you immediately. You can also choose to contact the business on Instagram @GOTHAMPAPPLES or via email at [email protected]


Additionally, Gotham Apples can be reached at 646-204-0178 through WhatsApp or Signal for pre-orders and offers pick-up at designated locations in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Westchester, and Long Island. They work best with pre-orders and provide a 5% discount for such orders


It is important to note that Gotham Apples, like many dispensaries in NYC, only services adults. To use Gotham Apple’s services and gain access to their products, you have to be over the age of 21 years and also provide a government-issued ID to provide evidence of your age. These IDs may be a driver’s licence or passport. 

Gotham Apples opens every day at 10:00 AM and completes the day’s delivery by 11:00 PM. All orders are delivered to buyers’ doorsteps within an estimated time window of about 2 hours. The business charges a distance-based delivery fee applied to each order which will be calculated automatically upon checkout. Note that the company’s policy states that all orders placed should be a minimum of $100.


However, there is a catch: all orders will only be received by the person who places the order. This means you have to be home to receive your purchase as they won’t be given to someone else.


If you are worried about tracking your order, don’t be! Gotham Apples makes sure to send consistent and reassuring texts to updates to reassure you while your order is on the way. You can also choose to track your order on the website. All you need to do is provide your Order ID which will be found in your order confirmation email and billing email used during checkout. Tracking your order helps you know when to expect your delivery, providing a seamless shopping experience.


It is important to remember that Gotham Apples also allows customers to set appointments in advance and schedule orders that are not same-day deliveries. This plays a huge role in helping regular patrons minimise wait times while shopping with Gotham Apples.

Customer Reviews

While services and products provided by Gotham Apples are legal, the business, like many other cannabis product-delivering businesses in NYC, operates discreetly. This might be because of the existing rules of cannabis sales under Initiative 71 (I-71) in Washington DC which states that cannabis sales are not legalised. The initiative  focuses on the possession and personal use of marijuana by individuals aged 21 and older. The dispensaries operating under I-71 compliance or “gifting” models do not require a medical card but have an age restriction of 21 years or older.


It is probably for this reason that Gotham Apples has no recorded reviews on platforms Such as Yelp, Leafy, or Google. However, do not fret! Gotham Apples is well-represented on their Instagram page where customers are provided an insight into the business’s operation. On Gotham Apples’ Instagram page, they have also attached a link to their telegram group chat to their bio. By clicking this link, potential buyers or simply looking up @GothamApples in the Telegram app, potential buyers can join the Gotham Apples Telegram app where updates on cannabis products are often pasted. If you need to make inquiries before making purchases, it is best to reach out to the business via email or their Instagram account.

Gotham Apples: In Conclusion

Gotham Apples excels as a reputable cannabis provider in NYC, offering a diverse range of products to keep clients satisfied and provide an elevated cannabis experience. Per their mission to provide a 1st class cannabis delivery service that aims to ensure comfort and shopping ease, Gotham Apples offers fast and free delivery with a seamless online customer shopping experience.


Admittedly, there are areas for improvement such as ensuring business information and reviews are more public, Gotham Apples has already established itself as a key player in the cannabis market through its commitment to quality, convenience, and community engagement. Combined with its unique delivery service, diverse product range, and focus on customer satisfaction, it is evident that Gotham Apples will continue to make waves in the NYC cannabis scene.


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