Everything You Need To Know About Cannabist Brooklyn


Before the legalization of cannabis in New York, USA, which only happened three years ago in March 2021, there were already several dispensaries catering to the medical cannabis market. Gracing the scene is Cannabist Brooklyn, a licensed dispensary stationed in the heart of The Empire State.

Cannabist Brooklyn, initially known and established as Colombia Care, is a popular and prominent dispensary dedicated to providing shelves full of quality CBD products to clients. Reportedly established to cater to individuals who are medical patients and now those who choose to enjoy the finest strains of herbs for recreational purposes, Cannabist Brooklyn takes pride in providing customers with the ‘higher experience’ they crave- pun intended.

Since its establishment, Cannabist Brooklyn has built quite a strong reputation for itself in New York, gaining recognition for its commitment to providing quality products and its compliance with medical cannabis regulations in the state. Hence, while Cannabist might be a franchise with locations all around states like Florida, Illinois, and Arizxona, the much younger Cannabist Brooklyn prides itself in being one of the leading providers of medical and hobbyist cannabis in the region.

All You Need To Know About The Company

Not much is known about Cannabist Brooklyn other than the fact that it was formerly known as Colombia Care. However, the organization toots its own horns on its website, providing an inside view of its mission, vision, and objectives as a company.

Located on 44 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York, Cannabist Brooklyn describes itself as a dispensary that provides a “dispensary experience made for everyone”. The company is deeply rooted on three pillars which it dutifully describes as “a higher standard, a higher knowledge, and a higher calling”. Each of these pillars succinctly represent an ideal part of the company’s mission, altogether declaring the company’s objectives of providing better products, better service, and a seamless shopping experience that shows clients what the world of cannabis has to offer.

While the dispensary chooses to identify as a company that satisfies both medical and recreational clients, many customers finger this as a false marketing technique. The internet is riddled with several customer reviews on platforms such as Google and Yelp where customers claim that although listed as a recreational dispensary, Cannabist Brooklyn only serves medical clients and will not serve individuals without a medical license.


However, Cannabist Brooklyn tried to dispel the confusion in a reply to a customer review, reiterating its position as a medical dispensary. This was expected, as the dispensary was founded with a focus on patient care.


Hence, if you plan to patronize this reputable dispensary, it is important to note that you would need a medical card to make a purchase. However, the dispensary also has a selection of products that can be purchased without a card.


Regardless, as a dispensary serving an infant market, Cannabist Brooklyn promises its customers the taste of an uncomplicated shopping experience.They aim to accomplish this by offering a unique selection of pharmaceutical-qauality medical cannabis and a shopping experience guided by well-trained experts to provide customer assistance where necessary.

Cannabist Brooklyn also takes one step further by aiming to be more than a dispensary, choosing instead to establish a community and take a stand with the continuous clamor for a society rid of social injustice. Cannabist Brooklyn claims to have a “higher calling to enhance people’s lives through cannabis, believing that cannabis is one of the many bricks in the foundation of socal justice and that the criminalization of cannabis has led to years of suffering for families, especially those of colored heritage.

Hence, Cannabist Brooklyn takes a stand to undo the lasting effects of the criminalization of cannabis, thereby choosing to not only be a dispensary in The Empire state but also an advocate for social freedom in that region.

Customer Experiences and Reviews

1. Product And Service Offering

Inside Cannabist Brooklyn’s inviting interior, customers are treated to a vast array of quality cannabis products and what the company describes as the ultimate comfortable shopping experience. In this dispensary, there is something for everyone with a fat inventory that contains various types of cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, concentrates and tropicals.

The dispensary also offers a unique selection of medical cannabis vape cartridges, tinctures, oral tablets, and topicals. While Cannabist Brooklyn makes it a point to offer a range of products of different reputable brands, they also stock their shelves with their special line of organic, GMO-free, full-spectrum, hemp-derived, non-psychoactive CBD products created for maximum efficacy. These products, although legal, can only be purchased by adult (18 years or older) customers with proof of identification.

Other than a wide range of products, Cannabist Brooklyn is also committed to offering quality service. The dispensary prides itself in its staff of knowledgeable, well-trained professionals who are always eager to guide customers through the purchasing process. As a core part of its objectives, Cannabist Brooklyn claims its staff is “constantly learning and striving to a level of expertise” to enable them answer any question and guide consumers through the best possible experience.

As proof of the Cannabist Brooklyn’s quality product and services, the internet is filled with several reviews that praise the dispensary.


However, like any other establishment, Cannabist Brooklyn also has its fair share of bad reviews from scorned customers who have had displeasing encounters with the dispensary. Many of these negative reviews from customers who are unimpressed by the quality of service provided or the quality of products bought. Many of these reviews go as far as referring to the staff as rude, unhelpful, and condescending.


Regardless, the positive reviews on Cannabist Brooklyn seem to outweigh the negative ones as the dispensary has garnered a 4.1 star review on Google Review Summary and 4.5 on Leafly. However, on Yelp, Cannabist Dispensary is left with a 2.4 rating from 21 reviews.

2. Pricing And Accessibility

When it comes to pricing, there isn’t much information on what Cannabist Brooklyn’s pricing structure is. However, as usual, customer reviews on the internet offer insight into this with some claiming products in the dispensary are appropriately priced and some stating otherwise.


To be up-to-date on prices in the dispensary, it is important to check multiple resources online, or more effectively, visit the dispensary in its physical location. Additionally, the dispensary’s convenient online ordering and delivery services are highlighted as a positive aspect that aids accessibility for all clients.

3. Community Impact And Social Responsibility

Cannabist Brooklyn doesn’t shy away from the playground when it comes to fighting for social justice. Although a dispensary, the establishment continues to be vocal about its quest to take a stand with the communities it serves and supports.

Cannabist Brooklyn shows its commitment to the cause by partnering with organizations across the country and supporting  diverse, inclusive plant-touching, ancillary, and accessory businesses. The mother company of the dispensary, Columbia Care, has also partnered with Albert Einstein College of Medicine and experts at Montefiore Medical Center to research into the benefit of cannabis toward solving America’s opioid epidemic, suitably naming this initiative‘100,000,000 Ways to Break the Opioid Crisis’.

Additionally, the dispensary supports policies that make sure that individuals affected by the prohibition of cannabis can now benefit from its legalization. Cannabist Brooklyn strongly believes that cannabis is medicine and that people who need this medicine should have the opportunity to access it without the fear of being stigmatized.

Hence, the dispensary’s mission is to ensure anyone who can benefit from access to cannabis gets access to what they need, when they need it. The dispensary goes as far as establishing a program known as Share Well/Care Well dedicated to subsidizing the cost of medicine for qualified medical cannabis patients.

Future Outlook For Cannabist Brooklyn

Cannabist Brooklyn continues to prove itself as an established presence when it comes to the cannabis market in New York. The reputable dispensary continues to serve clients in Brooklyn with a dedication to providing quality products and an unforgettable customer experience. Cannabist Brooklyn continues to hold the position as a significant player in the cannabis industry, serving medical cannabis patients and fighting for a just society.

While the dispensary’s product quality, service, and staff are generally well-regarded, areas for potential improvement include pricing and further community engagement. Regardless, the dispensary remains a formidable brand in the competitive landscape of New York’s Cannabis market.


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