Best Weed for Anxiety


Are you looking for the best weed for anxiety? Look no further! This blog post will outline the top 5 strains of cannabis that are known to relieve anxiety. So, if you’re feeling a little stressed out, read on to learn about some great options for relief. Happy smoking!


The ACDC strain is a Sativa-dominant plant with high levels of CBD and low THC. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want to medicate without feeling loopy or drunk, as well as people suffering from epilepsy or anxiety disorder because the effects are nonintoxicating but still very helpful in treating their ailments!

Blackberry Kush

With a low CBD:THC ratio, Blackberry Kush is known for being extremely relaxing and popular at nighttime to treat insomnia. The indica-dominant strain also has calming effects on the body that can be beneficial when treating nervousness or anxiety in those who suffer from these psychological problems–as well as helping users sleep better!

Jack Herer

Jack Herber is a Sativa-dominant strain with a low CBD:THC ratio. It’s known for producing an energetic head high and is often taken to help fight depression or anxiety because of its positive mood boost!

Jack Herer is a high-potency, Dutch medical strain that has been winning awards for quality since its creation in the 1990s. The spicy scent of this pepper makes it perfect to cook with and enjoy flavors like pine nuts or cedarwood notes when smoked!

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a desirable strain for those looking to alleviate pain, sleep disorders, and anxiety. It produces an excellent body high with low levels of THC that make it perfect if you have trouble sleeping or suffer from chronic headaches as well!

The flavor profile of Northern Lights is pungently sweet and spicy, with hints that it was designed for medicinal use. Patients find this strain helpful in relieving symptoms associated with depression as well as pain or stress relief from insomnia problems – all without any side effects! The high THC level (21%) makes the user feel calm but not too relaxed.

Sour OG

The Sour OG is a hybrid strain with an energetic high that often provides relief for depression, nausea and anxiety. For those who have been fans of the old-school California cannabis, you may know Sour OG by its original name – 818 Headband. This strain was originally named after an area code in Los Angeles and became more widely used as it gained popularity across other parts of United States soil!

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