Harvest, Drying, and Curing Cannabis


With legalized cannabis sweeping the nation, many people are eager to try their hand at growing their own. But just like any other plant, cannabis requires proper care to yield a high-quality harvest. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to harvest, dry, and cure your buds for the perfect smoke every time. Read on to learn more!

Quality of Buds 

When the flower is harvested and dries out too quickly after being picked, it contains phasings that were not allowed to properly break down. This leads to a harsh smoke with less quality than if time had been invested in curing them correctly – this can be costly for cultivators who want their product desired by consumers as soon as possible or those looking at longer shelf lives but lack either option due largely because of expenses associated with preparation methods.

Moisture Control 

The end of the drying and curing process brings with it a variety of possibilities. For example, if your bud is not properly conserved mold can grow within its stems causing yeast issues that will lessen how enjoyable smoking one strain becomes for you as well as affect what kind of high you experience when consuming this product.

Moldy cannabis has been found to contain more THC than clean examples so while these may still taste great they won’t provide quite the same mental effect – which depends largely on where all those terpenes live too!

3-5 days is the ideal time frame to test your flowers for dryness. If they’re not quite ready, then keep them at room temperature with good airflow until their stems snap easily when bent paper-like between one’s fingers – and you’ll know that they’ve reached max potential! Once 5 full days have passed without any breakage or bending beneath even gentle pressure from an object such as a paper towel placed atop it – placement inside cure jars/bags becomes very important since this will help maintain freshness longer than if left exposed outside those containers.


To make your cannabis as fresh and potent after it’s dried out, you need to cure the nugs in one of four different ways. There’s an air-dried method where they just leave them on their own; water curing involves submerging each crop for about 24 hours before moving onto another technique like freeze drying or sweat processing which uses more intense heat than traditional dehydration methods do – all with hopes that this will yield better results!

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