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Factors That Affect a Cannabis High

Do you ever wonder why cannabis affects different people in different ways? The answer lies in the many factors that influence how marijuana makes us feel. 

This includes things like our genetics, physiology, and environment. In this post, we’ll explore some of the key factors that affect a cannabis high. So, if you’re curious about why your friend gets a different high than you do, read on!

Various Factors That Affect Us When We Get High

Consumption Method

When it comes to the effects of cannabis, there are many different methods for consumption. Some may be more powerful and long-lasting than others depending on your individual experience with that particular method but all consumers should nevertheless enjoyably explore these options before making decisions themselves!


The entourage effect is an important concept when it comes to figuring out your ideal dose. For the cannabinoids in cannabis medicine to work effectively, you need a ratio of CBD and THC that’s just right – which means starting low if you’re going by percentage until consulting with someone who knows what they are doing or getting tested/adjusted accordingly!


The potency of cannabis depends on how much it contains and where those cannabinoids are delivered. For example, smoking produces more intense highs than eating or drinking does because the smoke goes directly into your bloodstream whereas foods take longer to make their way through our guts before being absorbed into brain tissue.


Though terpenes are not studied enough to know their role in generating a feeling of high, there is evidence that certain types of this chemical can help with anxiety. For instance, pinene is another common cannabis ingredient and potential schizophrenia treatment.

Weed Strain

The variety in marijuana is vast, with many different strains available for purchase. Some people have specific effects that they want from their weed and others prefer something more general like “head high” or an uplifting mood boost


When starting with cannabis, it is important to remember that your tolerance level may be low and you should start on the lower end of potency. Always make sure you are shopping for weed at a licensed dispensary as well as consulting qualified medical professionals before beginning any regimen involving cannabis!

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